Best Second Hand Estate to go for

Estate cars are perfect if you’re looking for that additional space that a normal saloon or hatchback car can’t offer.  Anything from carrying the dogs about to drips to the tip there is little the estate car can’t offer. Most estates are based on hatchback and saloon variants of other cars and I have identified some executive models as well as affordable models which people in the market looking to buy might be interested in.

The first Estate I looked at was a Used Mercedes-Benz C Class. The boot is defiantly the biggest in its class and offers a very generous cabin space. The C Class as you can imagine from Mercedes comes with plenty of power and even the lower spec and cheaper ones come well equipped and come with loads of safety kit making it a perfect family car and offers the classy, solid interior you would expect with efficient engines. The negatives with the C-Class are that it’s obviously a fairly expensive car and that it’s not as necessarily practical as some of the other contenders.

A Used Volvo V70 estate is next on the list, the list wouldn’t be complete without a Volvo car which have been famed for years in the estate market. The V70 has a well-built interior, nice to look at and is very spacious and practical. Volvo have always been good at getting the little things right so as you might expect the seats are comfortable and interior is very quiet making it great for long distance trips. Like most Volvos it’s not the most exciting to drive and the Used Mercedes-Benz E Class does have a bigger boot.

The Second Hand BMW 3 Series is next to make the list and rightly so.  The 3 series has lead its class for ages now and mixes performance, handling, ride comfort and economy is a stylish and upmarket exterior to create something very special. The build quality is excellent and is unbelievably practical for any person. The 3 series does come with a high price tag and the options list can stack up fast also cheaper rivals offer more space.

Finally the Second Hand Renault Megane completes the list. The cheapest of the list and is an affordable, practical family estate. The Megane looks attractive and offers a comfortable driving experience with the additional space in the estate version. The Megane does suffer with its resale value and the lowered powered engine specs do suffer and it’s as sporty as it claims.